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Who are we ?


The Parisian Vintage is the result of an encounter. She is Alexandra, he is Jules. Driven by a deep admiration for vintage clothing and furniture, their goal is to encourage the acquisition of timeless pieces. By coming to The Parisian Vintage, everyone should be able to find their personality and dare their own style. In a caring and warm world, we advocate a more conscious and more sustainable approach to consumption in fashion.

The vision of The Parisian Vintage is to create a place that celebrates Parisian chic, while offering unique fashion pieces. Our focus is on clothing and accessories that stand out, drawing inspiration from diverse eras, cultures and techniques.


The Parisian Vintage stands out for its careful selection process, focused on sourcing vintage and second-hand pieces from various sources. Our highly selective approach ensures that each piece is chosen with the greatest care due to its originality, quality and timeless appeal. Each selected piece carries a nostalgia for the past, a part of poetry which makes it authentic. These clothes and accessories borrow a charm from the past which asserts itself in the present and continues into the future.


Paris, the fashion capital, allows you to meet people from different backgrounds, with immense talent and unique personalities. The Parisian Vintage seeks to develop everyone's artistic expression by opening the doors of its vintage collections to stylists and photographers for their personal projects. Through these collaborations, we hope to create a real community that supports and inspires each other, thus allowing second-hand goods to prosper and shine in the world of fashion.


The Parisian Vintage aims to develop a responsible lifestyle by offering quality second-hand pieces. By selecting unique and timeless clothing, we want to extend the life cycle of each of the pieces we offer you.

This balance in the selection of clothing and accessories is the beating heart of The Parisian Vintage. We also want to extend this harmony of pieces in our stores with antique furniture. Second hand has become a new state of mind that must adapt to a constantly evolving world.


By adopting each of the values ​​above, The Parisian Vintage tries to define the codes of luxury second-hand ready-to-wear.

Much more than a thrift store, a market place or a consignment store, The Parisian Vintage identifies itself as a singular and autonomous entity in vintage fashion.

A fashion of its time which manifests itself at The Parisian Vintage through a chic and contemporary style in a warm and sophisticated universe.